Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software

New in MultitrackStudio 10.4.1


  • Supports CLAP plugins.

    Here's the official CLAP announcement (opens in new tab)

    The CLAP plugin format is a new plugin format. Noteworthy characteristics include extendibility, fast plugin scanning and MIDI 2.0 protocol support. It strives to avoid misinterpretation of the specs, which should lead to less compatibility issues. CLAP is open source. It's released under the MIT license, so developers don't need a proprietary license agreement to use it.


  • Audio track scrubber uses less CPU (this could be a noticeable problem when running in Rosetta on an M1 Mac).
  • Some plugin compatibility tweaks.


  • Mac: Copy-and-paste from a .m4a audio track to another audio track could result in garbled audio on Intel (or Rosetta) Macs.

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