Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software

New in MultitrackStudio 8.3.1


  • Convolutor / Guitar Amp: very short IR files didn't work right.
  • Mac: got rid of "is from an unidentified developer" message recent macOS versions showed on launching MultitrackStudio for the first time.
  • Some VST plugins would cause an access violation while processing audio.
  • Some VST plugins would crash immediately on loading the plugin.
  • Resizing VST plugin window didn't work properly if plugin UI had very small height initially.
  • Monitoring the 'Internal' sidechain input on a VST plugin could result in silence. Also applies to AU plugins on Mac.
  • Mac: user interface of some VST plugins was not visible (window very small).
  • Mac: sidechaining an output from a multiple-output AU instrument to an audio track would crash. (Pro edition)
  • Mac: some multiple-output AUi plugins didn't have output mixer.
  • Mac: some AU plugins turned stereo signal into mono.
  • Mac: unloading certain AU plugins no longer leads to MTS crashing and terminating.

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