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New in MultitrackStudio 9.3

  1. Plugin Manager
  2. "Save 'everything' in song" option
  3. Editor grid can show tuplets, or have swing
  4. Other

Note: pictures may be from a later version

1. Plugin Manager

With the new Plugin Manager you can hide a plugin from Effect, Instrument and/or MIDI Effect selectors. You can also add a category to it, this category appears in the selectors.

The plugins section of a selector features a 'hamburger' button on the right. You can click it to pop up the Plugin Manager. Alternatively you can rightclick a plugin in the selector and choose 'Show in Plugin Manager'.

Plugin Manager window
Plugin Manager window

Hide from Effect/Instrument/MIDI Effect selector

MultitrackStudio tries to show plugins in appropriate selectors only, but it needs to err on the safe side. You can hide a plugin from some, or all, selectors manually.


You can assign category names to plugins. These categories will appear in plugin selectors. A 'My Compressor' plugin with a 'COMP' category name, for example, appears in effect selectors as 'COMP - My Compressor'. Plugins with a category will appear at the top of the list in plugin selectors.

It's best to use very short category names, so the names fit the selectors.

Categories in effect selector
Categories in effect selector

Override name and/or slot text

You can override the names that appear in selectors. The texts that appear in slots can be be changed too (ie. you can make the slot read 'EQ x' instead of 'VST').

Note: slot texts must be very short, typically not more than 4 or 5 characters.

Some existing options for VST2 plugins have been moved to the Plugin Manager:

  • The VST plugins folder setting (it used to be in the Preferences window).
  • The options for running VST2 plugins bridged (Windows), and for using VST2 sidechain input plugins (they used to appear on rightclicking a plugin in a selector).

2. "Save 'everything' in song" option

Until now, songs only remembered the things required to play it back correctly. With the new "Save 'everything' in song" option they can remember almost everything you see on the screen (open editors, the buttons at the top of the main window, cycle points, transport position etc.). The "Save 'everything' in song" option appears in the Preferences window.

There'll obviously virtually always be a 'save?' prompt when unloading a song.
Pretty much everything is saved in the song file, Undo histories being a notable exception.

3. Editor grid can show tuplets, or have swing

If the grid is in bars you can now click the editor grid box at the bottom of the main window to override the automatic values. Options available include swing and custom tuplets

Editor grid menu
Editor grid menu

4. Other

  • Solo buttons are now stored in the song file. Applies to mixer sections, Multi Instruments and plugin output mixers.
  • VariSpeed settings are now stored in song file (Pro edition).
  • Songs now continue loading after a plugin caused an exception error.
  • Some score editor improvements, most have to do with the appearance of notes that are being moved.
  • The editor zoom shortcuts have been changed to the standard Ctrl +/- (Windows) / Command +/- (Mac).
  • Touchscreen (Windows): Score editor vertical zooming now uses much smaller steps, this makes it more useful.
  • Touchscreen (Windows): Onscreen MIDI keyboard's keyboard, string, drum and matrix layouts are now (optionally) velocity sensitive.
  • Touchscreen (Windows): Onscreen MIDI keyboard Finger Vibrato option no longer makes keyboard and string layouts monophonic (but finger vibrato only works if just one note is playing).
  • Touchscreen (Windows): Onscreen MIDI keyboard's keyboard, string and matrix layouts can now generate polyphonic aftertouch (by moving finger upwards).
  • MultitrackStudio Instruments: bowed strings, winds and synths now respond to polyphonic aftertouch (it increases the volume level).
  • Polyphonic aftertouch editor names now mention note name rather than key number (ie. 'C5' instead of '60').
  • Fixed: Creating EQ spectrum presets didn't work if you never created any preset on this computer.
  • Fixed: Quantization triplet options had wrong names (triplets of 1/4 instead of triplets of 1/8 etc.)

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