Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software

New in MultitrackStudio 8.3

  1. Tempo Editor improvements
  2. Practice Mode tracks can be recorded
  3. Auto Wah effect
  4. Other

1. Tempo Editor improvements

Conduct new tempo

The Conduct feature lets you tap a new tempo. You can use this to create accelerandos etc. It works like this:

  1. Select a part in the tempo editor.
  2. Click the Conduct button. The Conduct Tempo window appears.
  3. Press the space bar to start. Transport starts at least one bar before the selected part automatically.
  4. Start tapping the beat on the space bar.
  5. When the start of the selected part is reached the music will mute, and you can continue tapping the tempo for the selected part.
  6. When you've tapped enough beats transport will stop, and you can click OK to close the Conduct Tempo window.

Conduct Tempo window
Conduct Tempo window

Create accelerandos/decelerandos

The Alt+Ctrl (Windows) / Command+Ctrl (Mac) keys can be used to create a gradual tempo change (accelerando/decelerando) while moving the righthand side of the selected part.

 Stretch Accelerando
Stretch Accelerando (use Alt+Ctrl key (Windows) / Command+Ctrl key (Mac)), before and after


  • Touchscreen (Windows): Tempo Editor SEL menu features 'Stretch' and 'Stretch Accelerando' options. After picking one you can resize the righthand side of the selected part. The accelerando version creates a gradual tempo change.
  • Tempo editor now updates live while stretching or warping selected part.
  • Tempo editor: Undoing a "tweakable edit" now undoes the last tweak only, rather than all tweaks. All other editors work this way already.
  • Tempo / Time Signature editor buttons (Undo etc.) can be controlled using keyboard shortcuts. There's a dot on the left that indicates which of the two editors is has keyboard focus (similar to tracks).
  • Tempo / Time Signature editor: lesser used buttons (Cut, Copy, Paste, Repeat etc.) are now in new 'More' menu.

2. Practice Mode tracks can be recorded

Audio track input selectors now have a 'Practice Mode tracks' option.

Input channel selector
Input channel selector

You can use this to record the output of plugins as audio directly, for example. Setting this up goes like this:

  1. Doubleclick a track's Play button to switch it to manual practice mode. The Play button now reads 'P'.
  2. If it's an audio track: engage the Mon button.
  3. Add an audio track, set its input to 'Practice Mode tracks' and engage its Rec button.
  4. Now you can hear it's working and you can start the transport.

3. Auto Wah effect

The Auto Wah effect is a resonant low pass filter. Its cut off frequency goes up if the signal level goes up and vice versa.

Auto Wah effect
Auto Wah effect

The Frequency knob sets the lower limit for the filter frequency. Range sets the difference between the highest and lowest filter frequency. Sensitivity determines how much the filter frequency changes in response to a certain input level. The Attack and Release knobs determine how fast the filter frequency responds to level changes.

4. Other

  • Punch recording with External MIDI Instruments: existing signal is now audible, just like it is with audio tracks and software instruments.
  • 'Add Click Track': BPM value is no longer limited to whole numbers.
  • OS X: 'Tap tempo' boxes are more accurate.
  • Various bug fixes.

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