What's New in Version 7.4
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January 1, 2018
MultitrackStudio for iPad 2.9.1 released

November 22, 2017
MultitrackStudio 8.5 released

News : What's New in Version 7.4

New in MultitrackStudio 7.4

  1. Improved touchscreen support
  2. Other

1. Improved touchscreen support

Touchscreen support (Windows only) is now really smooth. There are many small changes and some big ones. Most notably mixer sections can now be scrolled vertically anywhere, even on faders or rotary knobs.

This video shows MultitrackStudio 7.4 running on a Windows 8 tablet:

The manual contains more information on touchscreen support.

2. Other

  • 'To Song (Hi)' control surface action to make 'To Song' work with more than 128 songs.
  • Automation Editor (Pro Plus) and Automated Fader windows can be resized vertically.
  • Score editor has 'Split in equal parts' option, just like pianoroll.
  • 'Size' setting in Preferences window to scale user interface independently from Windows DPI setting (Windows).
  • Better DPI scaling for DPI value just above 96 (Windows).
  • Tempo editor: tempo line is now updated while moving it vertically.
  • Editor Edit/Delete and Undo/Redo buttons have been swapped.
  • Score editor: '1'..'6' and dot buttons are replaced with a single dropdown list next to the '+' button.
  • Score/pianoroll editor: 'Merge Notes', 'Expand to Chord' and 'Split in equal parts' now appear in 'More...' button list.
  • Drag-and-drop: an image is visible while dragging an effect slot or mixer section etc.
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