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New in MultitrackStudio 6.3

  1. MultitrackStudio Instruments
  2. Other

Note: pictures may be from a later version

1. MultitrackStudio Instruments

The MultitrackStudio Instruments are a General MIDI compatible instrument collection. It contains 121 instruments including a drum kit.

MultitrackStudio Instruments window (Synth Strings 1)
MultitrackStudio Instruments window ("Synth Strings 1")

The MultitrackStudio Instruments are fully modeled, they don't contain any samples. Modeling has several advantages over sampling:

  • Many parameters can be randomized which helps reducing machine gun effects.
  • The instruments load instantly.
  • Memory usage is very low.
  • Download size is small: the 6.3 version is even smaller than the previous one (!!).

Ultimately all that matters is the sound of course. Here are some mp3 demos:

Not only are the MultitrackStudio Instruments a welcome addition for those using the "Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth", which has a huge latency and must be recorded to audio files in order to be able to mix down the song, it's convenient for those having a large VSTi plugin collection as well. The MultitrackStudio Instruments load in a split second and use very little memory compared to most VSTi plugins, so they're great when you want to audition a MIDI file quickly or when you want to compose without being distracted by plugin load times etc.

The MultitrackStudio Instruments appear in new MIDI tracks by default. If you have an external synth you'd rather use you can go to the Studio menu's Preferences window and change the default instrument to External MIDI Instrument 1.

The Electric Piano and Bass instruments are now merged into the MultitrackStudio Instruments. Existing songs using them will switch to the MultitrackStudio Instruments automatically, but you'll have to adjust the levels. The electric pianos now sound approx. 10.5 dB softer, the bass is approx 7 dB softer.

Note: The electric guitars use the Guitar Amp effect, which appears in the Pro Plus edition only. They will sound clean and unplugged in lower editions.

2. Other

  • MIDI pitch bend range can be adjusted.
  • Undoing "tweakable edits" now undoes the last tweak only, rather than all tweaks.
  • Some effects use significantly less CPU power if there's no audio signal present.
  • Various fixes.

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