Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software

New in MultitrackStudio 10.8

  1. Improved audio device compatibility
  2. Step through effect presets
  3. Mute click track during playback
  4. Fixes
  5. Other

1. Improved audio device compatibility

Sample rate conversion

Sample rate conversion is now applied if the audio devices do not support the song sample rate, so all devices now work with all songs. This solves issues with some bluetooth headphones or digital mixers, for example. It works on Mac, and with the "Windows" driver type on Windows.

The Sample Rate setting in Song-->Properties now offers all sample rates. It used to list the ones supported by the current audio devices only.

Also, the song sample rate is no longer modified when the current audio device doesn't support the song's sample rate. This was rather strange behaviour.

If you want to know if sample rate conversion is being used you can click the Studio button and hover over the Devices option.

Studio menu Devices item tooltip
Studio menu Devices item tooltip

"Windows" driver type improvements

  • Automatically uses shared mode if exclusive mode isn't available.
  • Newly recorded audio tracks align better with existing tracks.
  • Soft Monitoring latency is a bit lower.

2. Step through effect presets

There are now up/down arrows next to the Presets button in Effect, Instrument and MIDI Effect windows. You can click them to step through the presets without opening the presets menu.

Presets button with up/down arrows
Presets button with up/down arrows

3. Mute click track during playback

There's a "Mute click track during playback" option in the Preferences window. You can use it the automatically mute the click track during playback, so you only hear it while recording.

4. Fixes

A lot of effort was put into tracking down and solving issues which caused exception errors. Thanks for sending error reports!
  • Windows: VST3 plugin loading/unloading is more robust.
  • CLAP plugin scanning is more robust.
  • "Export song" is more robust.
  • "Windows" driver type: unplugging audio device is handled better.
  • Fixed: Issue with drum instrument selector in Multi MIDI Editor.
  • Fixed: Issue with text edit box for renaming tracks or labels. (Mac)
  • Several more fixes.
Also some fixes for issues that didn't cause exception errors:
  • Sidechain input issue with some VST3 instrument plugins.
  • Bypassed MIDI Effect plugins were no longer bypassed after re-opening the song.
  • Noise shaping was applied to 16 bit mixdowns even if you turned this option off.
  • Mac: file save dialogs wouldn't let you change file format in recent macOS versions.

5. Other

  • External MIDI Instrument: the up/down keys now step through the patches in the order you see in the Patch Selector. They used to control the MIDI program directly.
  • MIDI Pattern Editor: horizontal scale is automatically adjusted to a reasonable value if the main editors are zoomed out quite a bit.
  • EQ: spectrum display works if EQ is visible and transport isn't running, even if neither the track's Rec button nor Soft Monitoring are enabled. Just like the Tuner.
  • The articulation settings from the Note Editor are now available in the Multi Note Editor too.
  • LV2 plugin support has been disabled. It needed some work, but the small number of plugins available for Mac/Windows doesn't justify spending more time on this.

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