Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software
Manual : VariSpeed


Note: this feature is available in the Pro edition only.

VariSpeed acts like a tape recorder's speed control. An important application is recording instruments which aren't in tune with existing tracks. Speed Only mode can be used to slow the music down to make transcription or practicing easier. The VariSpeed controls are hidden by default, they can be made visible by clicking the position indicator and choosing "Show VariSpeed Control".

VariSpeed control
VariSpeed control

The box offers a choice of several VariSpeed modes:

  • Off: No VariSpeed
  • Tape style - 1 semitone (T1): Change pitch up to 1 semitone, speed changes accordingly.
  • Tape style - 2 semitones (T2): Change pitch up to 2 semitones, speed changes accordingly.
  • Tape style - half speed (TH): Run at half speed (+/- 1 semitone). Audio tracks and software instruments sound one octave lower at half speed, External MIDI Instruments don't.
  • Speed Only (SO): Change speed (50%..150%) without changing pitch. Recording isn't possible using Speed Only mode, VariSpeed will be turned off automatically if you try to do so.

The rotary knob controls speed / pitch. It can be turned while the transport is running, but not while recording.

The tape-style modes work exactly like a tape recorder's speed control: if speed increases pitch goes up, if speed decreases pitch goes down. If you want to record an instrument and its pitch is different from your song's pitch you can use VariSpeed to change the song's pitch. After recording the track you can switch off VariSpeed and the recorded track's pitch will be equal to the song's pitch.

VariSpeed also works with MIDI tracks. Tracks using an External MIDI Instrument are detuned using Pitch Bend messages (the pitch bend range is assumed to be 2 semitones).

Note that VariSpeed consumes CPU power, so it should be switched off when it's not needed.