Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software
Manual : Troubleshooting


All other tracks are on the track I recorded. What's wrong?
Your sound device is recording its own audio output. If your sound device comes with some kind of mixer window you can search for the problematic setting there.

My vocals are on the left or right channel only.
Record to mono audio files. Microphones are mono, so recording to a stereo file results in one channel being silent.

Track's Play or Rec Button turns gray when starting Transport.
There is no audio/MIDI device available to play or record this file.

Audio recording doesn't work in Windows 10.
A Windows 10 update introduced some privacy changes that may keep you from recording audio. To fix this go to Start > Settings > Privacy, and make sure the 'allow apps access to your microphone' setting is switched on.

Other programs are silent while MultitrackStudio is running.
MultitrackStudio uses Windows audio devices in 'exclusive mode' in order to provide the lowest latency possible. You can go to the Studio menu's Devices window and switch on 'Shared mode'. This requires Windows 10 or newer.

I can't load my master file in my CD writer program.
Make sure the file is a stereo .wav file. If you're using the Pro edition then also make sure it's a 16 bit file (CDs are always 16 bit).

Can't load MIDI files recorded with MultitrackStudio in another application.
In the Preferences window switch the MIDI File Format to '480 ticks per quarter note', this format is more widely supported than the other one.

There are glitches/short bursts of static in my recordings. or
MIDI device seems to 'pause' periodically. or
Transport stops with 'Buffer over/underrun' message now and then.
Close all other programs.

My audio tracks are out of sync. What can I do?
- Make sure you're using the latest drivers for your sound device
- Try using a sample rate of 48 Khz rather than the default 44.1 kHz (see Song Properties).
- Windows: Try using a different audio driver type.
- Windows: MultitrackStudio's support for the Early Windows audio driver type includes an 'Apply EMU10k1 44.1 kHz Audio Sync Correction' setting. Soundcards of the Soundblaster Live! type (including 128, 512, 1024 and Ensoniq AudioPCI) use slightly different sample rates for playback and recording when using a sample rate of 44.1 kHz. MultitrackStudio compensates for this effect if the 'Apply EMU10k1 44.1 kHz Audio Sync Correction' button is engaged in the Devices window. Make sure this button is engaged if you have one the aforementioned soundcards, make sure it isn't if you don't.
- Mac: If you're using different devices for audio recording and playback you can create an "aggregate device" using the Audio MIDI Setup application and use that device instead.

My songs play back too fast. What can I do?
- If your sound device's control panel has a sample rate setting, make sure its value is identical to the one used in the MultitrackStudio Song menu's Properties window.
- Windows: In the Windows Control Panel, set Sound Scheme to "No Sounds".

I hear another instrument while recording using a soft instrument. or
I don't hear a recording soft instrument.
The track you are recording is using a MIDI channel that is not equal to the one your MIDI keyboard uses.

I want to restore the previous version of a file.
Song, songlist, MIDI, patch and .aem files are backed up every time they are saved to disk. The old versions receive a file extension starting with '~': .hdr, .lml, .mid, .ptc and .aem become .~hdr, .~lml, .~mid, .~ptc and .~aem respectively. The old versions can be made ready for use by renaming them to a file with the correct extension.

I hear glitches when opening windows etc. in Windows.
If you're using an ASIO driver: try turning on MMCSS (see Compensating for driver issues).