Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software
Manual : Transport Control


The transport controls are similar to a tape recorder's transport controls. There's a position indicator and home (to start of song), rewind, fast forward and start/stop buttons.

The transport controls
The transport controls

When the transport is started all tracks that are in playback mode will play back, and all tracks that are in record mode will record. If there are no tracks that are in either playback or record mode the transport will not start.

Tip: you can hit the space bar instead of clicking the start/stop button.

Position Indicator

The position indicator shows the current transport position. It can show either hours:minutes:seconds or bar:beat. On clicking the position indicator a menu appears which allows for choosing hours:minutes:seconds or bar:beat. The bar:beat option is available only if at least one track contains a MIDI file. That's because tempo information is stored in MIDI files.

After clicking the position indicator menu's Type Value option a new position can be typed. Hours:minutes:seconds values (separated by colons) are interpreted right to left, so you don't have to enter hours or minutes if the time you enter is less than 60 seconds. But if you want to enter minutes you should enter seconds as well. Zero values can be omitted (you can enter 12: instead of 12:00).
Bar:beat values are interpreted left to right, so you can enter plain bar numbers easily (12 instead of 12:1).
The seconds and beat values can be real numbers (like 1.462). Press Enter to accept the new value, or Esc to cancel the operation.

The position indicator's maximum value is 10 hours at 44.1 kHz sample rate (4 hours and 30 minutes at 96 kHz).

Cycle mode

If the Cycle button is engaged the transport will cycle the cycle region (assuming you've set a valid region). You can click the position indicator and use the Set Cycle Start/Set Cycle End options to set the cycle region. These options can also be reached by rightclicking the overview bar. The Cycle button appears dimmed if it's engaged but there's no valid cycle region.

The Overview Bar shows the cycle region.

Overview Bar showing cycle region
Overview Bar showing cycle region

You can select a cycle region and start the transport in one go by performing a click-and-drag operation on the overview bar thumb:

  1. Click the thumb
  2. Immediately click the thumb again, but this time keep the mouse button down.
  3. Now move the thumb to the point where you want the cycle to end.
  4. Release the mouse button.

Note: Step 1 and 2 must be performed quickly (at "doubleclick speed").

Alternatively you can keep the Alt key (Windows) / Option key (Mac) down while moving the thumb.