Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software
Manual : Songlists


Using a songlist you can play a sequence of songs. You can use this to preview your CD project without having to mix the individual songs down to stereo files first.

Note that using songlists is not required.

A songlist file (.lml file extension) contains references to song files. When a playing song is finished, the next song can automatically be opened and played. When the last song is finished the transport will be stopped.

Creating or opening a songlist

The Songlist menu is not visible if no songlist is opened. The Song menu's Songlist item contains New and Open options. After using one of these the Songlist bar will appear.

Songlist Bar (3 songs)
Songlist Bar (3 songs)

The Songlist Bar will be placed at the top of the window. A button with the song's file name is shown for each song in the songlist, the yellow one being the song currently opened. Clicking a button will open the corresponding song. The songs can be reordered by dragging and dropping the buttons. Opening or reordering songs is not possible while the transport is running.

Songs can be added and removed using the Song menu: New or Open will add a song to the Songlist, Close will remove the current song from the songlist and Rename will update the name of the current song.

The Play All button determines whether all songs will be played back consecutively. It's on by default. You can turn it off if you're going to do some work on a song, in order to avoid going the next song inadvertently.

The Songlist menu

The Songlist bar contains the Songlist menu, which offers the following options:

  • New, Open, Save, Save As, Rename, Close
  • Comments: Read or write text which is stored in the songlist file. You can use this to document the project.
  • Songlist Properties: Show the songlist's properties. This includes:
    • The song file name, playing length and occupied disk space of each song
    • The total playing time of the songlist
    • The total occupied disk space

    Collecting the songlist properties might take a few seconds as all songs have to be analyzed.