Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software
Manual : Saturator


The Saturator effect adds either Tube or Tape type distortion, depending on the Tube and Tape buttons. The Drive knob controls the amount of distortion. The output level is approximately equal to the input level.


The Tube program simulates a preamp with an output transformer. The preamp mainly generates second order harmonics, the transformer generates lower order odd harmonics. The Tube program adds harmonics, not unlike an exciter effect.

Drive controls the signal level that's fed to the virtual preamp's input. The VU meter shows the average value. At 0 dB total harmonic distortion is approx. 2%.

Saturator window
Saturator window ('Tube')


The Tape program models distortion, high frequency compression, low frequency peaks and wow & flutter. It can be used on individual tracks to make them sound a bit warmer. The Tape program can also be used on a full mix (ie. in the Master section). This makes the tracks blend better.

Drive controls the virtual recording level. The VU meter shows the average value of the recording level. At 0 dB VU total harmonic distortion is approx. 1%.
LF Peak controls low frequency peaks ("bumps"). Flutter controls the amount of wow & flutter.

Saturator window
Saturator window ('Tape')