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July 31, 2019
MultitrackStudio for iPad 3.5.1 released

July 19, 2019
MultitrackStudio 9.4 released

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MultitrackStudio can be controlled using a pen (stylus) instead of a mouse. It basically works just like a mouse, but there are some convenient extras:

  • You can scroll mixer sections vertically by grabbing a mixer section and moving the pen. Do not place the pen on a control (a knob, a button etc.). Using the level meter is OK.
  • Pianoroll and Score editors can be scrolled vertically using the lefthand part of the editor.
  • Editors can be scrolled horizontally using the main window's bottom bar.
  • You can pull a track's Edit button horizontally to pop up its rightclick menu.
  • You can pull a mixer section's collapse button (in the top right corner) horizontally to pop up its rightclick menu.
  • You can pull down a marker to pop up a menu with rename options etc.
  • You can press the tranport's play button for a second to start cycling.
  • You can press an effect/instrument slot for a second to pop up the effect/instrument selector.
  • There are onscreen keyboards for typing text (see the "Keyboards for Pen" button in the Preferences window).
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