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July 31, 2019
MultitrackStudio for iPad 3.5.1 released

July 19, 2019
MultitrackStudio 9.4 released

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Multitrack Editing

Note: this feature is available in the Pro edition only.

Using the Multitrack Editor, which can be shown using the Editing Options menu, multiple tracks can be edited simultaneously. The Multitrack Editor affects all tracks that have their editor opened.

Hint: Use the Song Editor if you want to edit all tracks including tempo, automation and markers etc.

Multitrack Editor window, showing 3 tracks
Multitrack Editor window, showing 3 tracks

The Multitrack Editor works just like a track editor. It features all common track editor buttons except Export. The Multitrack Editor's Edit Control's features depend on the types of the tracks being edited. The control can be an Audio Edit Control, a MIDI Edit Control or one that contains just a Volume fader and Fade, Reverse and Transpose options.

The Multitrack Editor can't be used while the transport is running.

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