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Manual : Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface

Note: this feature requires Windows 8.1 or newer

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 not only comes with multitouch, but with an active pen too. MultitrackStudio has a 'Pen with touch scrolling' mode to make the most out of these features. This mode should work with devices other than the Surface Pro 3 as well, provided it has both multitouch and an active pen.

The 'Pen with touch scrolling' mode works with pen almost exclusively. You can use touch to scroll and zoom editors, to scroll the mixer sections vertically, to scroll lists and to play the onscreen MIDI keyboard. All other touch actions are ignored, so you can't tap something accidentally with the hand palm.
'Pen with touch scrolling' mode is great for MIDI editing because the pen is far more accurate than the touch screen. You can edit rapidly using the pen and navigate easily using touch.

A button is available in the main window for switching between pen and touch mode quickly. This button appears next to the Studio button. It's present when the 'Input Device' setting (see Preferences) is set to either Touchscreen or 'Pen with touch scrolling'.

Touch / Pen button
Touch / Pen button

In 'Pen with touch scrolling' mode the pen works slightly different (compared to the regular pen behavior), so it nicely matches the touchscreen mode. Most notably, resizing notes in the piano roll editor works similar to the touchscreen behavior.

The following Preferences settings are recommended for the Surface Pro 3:

  • Size: 240%
  • Input Device: Touchscreen or 'Pen with touch scrolling'
  • Keyboard for Pen: enabled
  • Color Theme: Ultra Dark

These settings are used automatically if MultitrackStudio is installed on a Surface Pro 3 provided no settings from an older version are present.

Tip: you can disable the Surface's Windows Button (in the bezel) using the Surface app in order to avoid pressing it accidentally.