Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software
Manual : Level Meters

Level Meters

Level meters shows several things:

  • The current level.
  • Signal peaks are being shown by a single segment for 2 seconds.
  • The peak recording level since transport start is shown by a red line (legacy color themes use a dimmed segment instead). Only recording audio tracks have this feature.
  • The right-hand segment will start flashing if clipping occurred (ie. if the level exceeded 0 dB). This only happens if this overload actually is a problem:
    • Recording audio tracks
    • Recording MIDI soft instrument tracks
    • Master section
    • Group and Effect Return sections which are routed to the sound device (Pro edition only).
    You can click a meter to reset it, so it stops flashing.
  • A speaker symbol appears to indicate output clipping in soft-monitored audio tracks (the meter itself shows the input level).

The Level Meters are based on DIN PPM meters, where 0db = 0dBFS.

If the audio signal is stereo a meter will display both the left and the right channel, the upper signal being the left channel.

You can rightclick a meter to temporarily change the size. Options are Small, Large and Huge. The latter can be used if you need to watch the meter from a distance (to set up recording levels for example).

Small meter
Small meter

Large meter
Large meter

Huge meter
Huge meter