Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software

New in MultitrackStudio for iPad 5.0

  • MultitrackStudio Instruments 2.0. Almost all instruments sound better, with a special mention to the acoustic pianos. Acoustic pianos, Harpsichord and Harp have a Width knob and better stereo sound. Acoustic pianos support Sostenuto pedal, Soft pedal is now continuous rather than on/off. New Upright Piano. Honky Tonk Piano now really is honky tonk. Drum Kit is panned stereo and has a Width knob. Drum Kit, Timpani and Synth Drum can be panned using per-note pan controllers.
  • The MultitrackStudio Instruments support some articulations for Overdrive Guitar / Distortion Guitar (Normal, Muted, Harmonic), Electric Bass (finger) (Normal, Slap), and Violin/Viola/Cello/Contrabass (Bowed, Pizzicato).
  • You can define articulation selection keys in the Keyboard Mapper, so you can easily play articulations live.
  • 'Make monophonic' option in Keyboard Mapper.
  • MultitrackStudio now tries to avoid losing the MIDI 2.0 note attribute in AU MIDI effect plugins which don't support MIDI 2.0. The note attribute is used for articulations.
  • Higher math accuracy in many audio effects.
  • Rotor effect: improved speed up/down timing.
  • Guitar Amp effect uses higher oversampling rate (8x).
  • Velocity Curve (MIDI Effect): Curve knob now works the other way round. The range has been extended from 0.5..2 to 0.33..3.
  • MIDI editors handle per-note controllers smarter when adding new notes, so the new note fits in better.
  • Drum note names appear in controller editor for per-note controllers.
  • You can now type MIDI note numbers (0..127) in text boxes that accept notes (like C#5 etc.).
  • Fixed: transport buttons work again after hiding the keyboard in the Lyrics/Chords editor.
  • Fixed: EQ: the spectrum value displayed for the current mouse position wasn't correct for 'No Bands'.
  • Several other fixes.

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