Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software

New in MultitrackStudio for iPad 4.5

  • Track editor COPY / PASTE buttons now use iPadOS General PasteBoard. You can now copy/paste audio/MIDI between MultitrackStudio for iPad and MultitrackStudio on a Mac using Universal Clipboard.
  • Removed "Copy to General PasteBoard" / "Paste from General PasteBoard" from track editor Copy / Paste menus (the COPY / PASTE buttons themselves do that now).
  • 'Export MultitrackStudio Song' / 'Import Song' now have Copy / Paste options respectively. You can now copy/paste songs from Mac to iPad and vice-versa using Universal Clipboard.
  • 'Import SoundFont' now has Paste option. You can now copy/paste from Mac to iPad using Universal Clipboard.
  • Import/Export dialogs: 'General Pasteboard' options have been renamed to Copy or Paste.
  • 'Export Presets' has 'Copy' option.
  • 'Export MIDI Tracks' an 'Export Mix' now have 'Name' box.
  • 'Export Mix' now has 'Type' en 'Quality' settings. The Pro Extension adds a 'Sample rate' setting.
  • External MIDI Instrument: options menu has 'Import' option for patchmap files.
  • Missing instrument or MIDI effect plugins are now remembered as 'substitutes'. This makes moving songs back and forth between devices easier. You can replace the Missing Instrument / Missing MIDI Effect placeholder with something you have. When the song is back on the original device you can load the substitute using the instrument/MIDI effect's options menu. Not available for External MIDI Instruments, Virtual MIDI Apps or IAA Apps.
  • There's now just one message dialog if multiple plugins or SoundFonts are missing while loading a song.
  • Mixer sections can have up to 3 additional audio effect slots, depending on screen size. (requires Pro Extension)
  • There can one more Effect Return on 10.5" or larger iPads (12.9" iPads had this already). (requires Pro Extension)
  • .midi and .kar files can be imported, pasted or dropped.
  • Fixed: error when tapping a crashed AU effect's Reload button twice quickly.
  • Fixed: layout issues with iPad Mini 2021.

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