Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software

New in MultitrackStudio for iPad 4.2

  • 3 additional track colors. The existing ones have been fine tuned.
  • MIDI tracks respond to MIDI keyboard if one of its effects is visible (just like it already did for the instrument slot).
  • Supports MIDI NRPN parameters.
  • Dot Editor now has Position box and "To grid" button. Applies to Automated Fader, MIDI controller and automation editors.
  • AU plugins that crash no longer lose their settings when they're reloaded.
  • Fixed: Volume fader in audio track Edit Control pane could cause crash under certain conditions.
  • Tempo editor 'Stretch Accelerando' option (from SEL menu) now works as expected with mouse or trackpad.
  • mouse/keyboard: 'Option' mouse modifier for track's Play, Rec, Mute and Solo buttons: toggles all same-color tracks.
  • mouse/keyboard: Shift key can be used in Pianoroll/Drum editors to ignore the Snap button, so you can add/move notes anywhere.

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