Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software

New in MultitrackStudio for iPad 4.8.4

  • Effect, Instrument and MIDI Effect panes: you can swipe up/down over the Presets button to move to the next/previous preset.
  • External MIDI Instrument: swiping up/down over the Patch box now steps through the patches in the order you see in the Patch Selector. It used to control the MIDI program directly.
  • Newly recorded audio tracks align better with existing tracks.
  • The articulation settings from the Note Editor are now available in the Multi Note Editor too.
  • EQ: spectrum display works if EQ is visible and transport isn't running, even if neither the track's Rec button nor Soft Monitoring are enabled. Just like the Tuner.
  • MIDI Pattern Editor: horizontal scale is automatically adjusted to a reasonable value if the main editors are zoomed out quite a bit.
  • Fixed: Bypassed MIDI Effect plugins were no longer bypassed after re-opening the song.
  • Fixed: several dialogs could freeze on some 2017 iPad Pro models.
  • Several other fixes.

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