Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software

New in MultitrackStudio for iPad 4.5.1

  • Apple Pencil: adding notes in MIDI editors can now be done without waiting for the selector to pop up.
  • Some tweaks to using a mouse with the MIDI editors.
  • Score editor note duration touch handle now offers dotted quarter note.
  • 12.9" iPad: there can now still be content panes when tracks have an output selector. (Pro Extension)
  • Audio track scrubber uses less CPU.
  • Fixed: Multi MIDI Editor: score editor note duration setting made Multi MIDI Editor disappear. (Pro Extension)
  • Fixed: Score editor: lasso could select tied notes twice.
  • Fixed: Onscreen MIDI Keyboard "Keyboard" layout note-on velocity sensitivity didn't work.
  • Fixed: Arpeggiator presets couldn't be imported.

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