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January 1, 2018
MultitrackStudio for iPad 2.9.1 released

November 22, 2017
MultitrackStudio 8.5 released

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Effect Automation

The rotary knobs of all audio effects can be automated. The Band Effect, the Convolutor's Delay knob and the Guitar Amp's Cntr/Edge and Output knobs can't be automated. The Compressor's Autogain button has no effect if the Threshold, Ratio or Gain knobs are automated.

'Delay' type knobs may cause glitches while turning. It's best to move these knobs in a quiet part. This applies to the following knobs:

  • Chorus, Doubler, Echo, Flanger: Delay.
  • Master Limiter: Ahead.
  • Reverb: Predelay.
  • Pseudo Stereo: Color (Comb mode only)
  • Vibrato: all.
  • Guitar Amp: Cntr/Edge (not a 'delay type knob', but it does glitch)
  • Phaser: Notches (not a 'delay type knob', but it does glitch)

VST, AU and DX plugins can be automated too. To pop up the effect's Automation Editor you should click the Automation button in the bottom right corner of the main window first, and then click the right hand side of the effect window (the area where the Bypass and OK buttons are). Right clicking this area also works, and even right clicking the plugin's user interface will work with many plugins. The plugin user interface knob movements will lead by approximately 0.75 seconds compared to the audible results (ie. you see the knobs move before you hear their effect on the sound). VST plugins that don't supply their own user interface (the ones that get the standard MultitrackStudio knobs) suffer only partially from this phenomena: knob rotations don't lead, but the values below the knobs do lead.

A multiple output VST plugin's output mixer can be automated too.

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