Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software
Manual : DX Plugin

DX Plugins

Note: DX plugins are considered obsolete, and support for them is disabled by default. You can enable DX plugin support by opening a song that uses a DX plugin. Alternatively you can go to the Plugin Manager and press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D. Note that DX plugins aren't listed in the Plugin Manager.

DX plugin support is available in the 32-bit Windows version only.

DX (DirectX) plugins can be loaded in an effect slot using the slot's down arrow. The DX plugins appear in the effect selector's "VST and DX plugins" section. The plugin will be shown in a window with Bypass and Presets buttons.

MultitrackStudio automatically detects whether the plugin supports mono in to stereo out conversion (reverbs usually do). Some plugins do not support this, if this is the case you can force the plug in to operate in stereo in to stereo out mode by adding a Stereo Effect just before the DX plugin.

Note: if you install DX plugins while MultitrackStudio is running you may have to restart MultitrackStudio in order for the new plugin to be listed (the plugins are collected only once).