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Manual : Drum Editor

Drum Editor

Drum editor
Drum editor

The Drum Editor features a horizontal strip called a Drum Instrument Editor for each instrument used. The drum instrument's name is shown on the left hand side of the Drum Instrument Editor. A different instrument can be selected upon doubleclicking it. New instruments can be added by clicking Add Instr. Every instrument corresponds to a MIDI note (eg. C3 is a bass drum, E3 is a snare and B4 is a hihat in General MIDI). The note corresponding to the instrument will be shown in case no name is available. Drum Instrument Editors work like any other MultitrackStudio editor. Drum instruments can be reordered by dragging the instrument names (on the left) up or down.

In Add Notes mode notes can be added by leftclicking the mouse. Notes appear in the editor as diamond shapes. The note's volume is indicated by a small black dot (the higher the dot the higher the volume).

In Select Part mode you can select a part of the track by moving the mouse vertically while selecting a part. If the mouse ends on the same instrument as it started only this instrument is selected, if it ends on a different one all instruments are selected. The Select All button selects only the instrument if a part of an instrument is selected, it selects all instruments otherwise. You can switch from 'one instrument' mode to 'all instruments' mode and vice versa by clicking an instrument's name.

If audio is drag-and-dropped from an audio track editor to a drum instrument editor only beats are detected (no pitch). You can, for example, tap a drum break on the table, record it as audio and move it to a drum editor.

Selecting similar notes

A menu appears if you rightclick a note. It has a Select similar notes option which selects all similar notes in similar bars. "Similar note" means a note at the same position (eg. at beat 1). "Similar bar" means a bar having the same time signature. You can use this feature to, for example, select all hihat hits which are on beat 1 and make them all a bit louder.
If multiple notes are selected "Select similar notes" will work on the selected notes only. You can, for example, lasso all choruses and then select a particular note within the choruses.