Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software
Manual : Devices


The audio and MIDI devices to be used by MultitrackStudio can selected in the Studio menu's Devices window.

MultitrackStudio Pro supports up to 140 audio channels, up to four MIDI In devices and up to four MIDI Out devices. Lower editions support up to two audio channels, one MIDI In device and up to two MIDI Out devices.

Choosing an audio driver type

On Windows there are three audio driver types to choose from:
  • ASIO is the preferred driver type. It can only be used if the sound device comes with an ASIO driver. Latency can be very low.
  • Windows can be used if there's no ASIO driver for your sound device. Latency can be low. Windows drivers can actually perform just as good as ASIO, so be sure to try them if you experience problems using ASIO.
  • This driver type isn't available on Windows XP.
  • Windows XP should work with any sound device, but latency is very high and there's no Soft Monitoring. Multichannel recording isn't possible using this driver type.

On Mac there's just one audio driver type: Core Audio.

Audio Output Control

The Audio Output Control (available from the Studio menu) can be used to set the properties (channel selection, levels etc.) of the audio output device. The controls depend on the audio driver type and devices used.

MIDI Out Device Options

The Options button in the MIDI Out Devices section pops up the MIDI Out Device Options window. It contains settings regarding sync code and recording connections.