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July 31, 2019
MultitrackStudio for iPad 3.5.1 released

July 19, 2019
MultitrackStudio 9.4 released

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Automatic Delay Compensation

Some effects introduce a delay which would make tracks go out of sync. Automatic Delay Compensation (often called Plugin Delay Compensation or PDC) serves to compensate for the effect's delay automatically.

Automatic Delay compensation is available in:

  • Tracks which are in playback mode. The delay is compensated if it's 10 ms or more.
  • Group and Master sections. The delay is compensated if it's 1 ms or more.
  • Effect Return sections. There's no minimum delay here.
  • Multi Effects, Stereo Effects, Parallel Effects and Mid/Side Effects loaded in the aforementioned mixer sections. There's no minimum delay here.
  • MultitrackStudio Instruments (playback mode).
  • The Output mixer of VST/AU plugins that have more than 2 outputs.

Delay compensation is NOT available in:

  • The "Side Chain" box of sidechaining effects (Dynamics etc.).
  • The instruments in the Multi Instrument (the effects do have PDC).
  • DX/DXi plugins are not compensated.
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