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Manual : Remote Control

Remote Control

A remote control is a hardware device which can be used to control MultitrackStudio's transport, mixer and effects. Traditional 'control surfaces' use MIDI to communicate with the computer. MultitrackStudio can also be controlled with MultitrackStudio Remote app (for iPad), or a web browser (on a phone or tablet).

MIDI Remotes

The Studio menu's Remote Control option pops up the Remote Control window. Click the Device button to select the MIDI In device to be used for the remote. The MIDI Out device should be specified as well if the remote has LEDs or motorized faders.

The MIDI In device used by the remote can be selected as a regular MIDI In device (for recording a MIDI keyboard) as well. In this case the remote functions will have the highest priority, ie. only MIDI messages which aren't mapped to a remote control action will be recorded by MIDI tracks. This mechanism makes it possible to map some keys of a MIDI keyboard to remote control actions. You can, for instance, use a key to invoke the "Alternate Take" action.

The Remote Control window allows for assigning remote control knobs to specific functions using the Learn function. Ready to use presets for FaderPort (PreSonus), the TranzPort and AlphaTrack (Frontier Design Group), the BCF2000 (Behringer) and the UC33 (Evolution) are provided. There are also generic Mackie Control and HUI presets, and a basic MMC (MIDI Machine Control) preset.

The Remote Control Bar, which can be made visible using the Show Remote Control Bar button, shows the names of the mixer sections that are mapped to the remote control channels.

Note: the Device and Remote Control Bar are only visible if a preset is opened which corresponds to a device which uses MIDI. For advanced users: actually it's the 'Controller Type' box that matters rather than the preset.