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Manual : CLAP Plugins

CLAP Plugins

The CLAP plugin format is a new plugin format. Noteworthy characteristics include extendibility, fast plugin scanning and MIDI 2.0 protocol support. It strives to avoid misinterpretation of the specs, which should lead to less compatibility issues. CLAP is open source. It's released under the MIT license, so developers don't need a proprietary license agreement to use it.

CLAP plugins can be loaded in an effect slot using the slot's down arrow. The CLAP plugins appear in the effect selector's Plugins section.

Windows: CLAP plugins are files, the name ends with .clap.
64 bit plugins are located in the C:\Program Files\Common Files\CLAP\ folder.
32 bit plugins are located in C:\Program Files\Common Files\CLAP\ (if your Windows version is 32 bits), or C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\CLAP\ (64 bits Windows version).
64 bits MultitrackStudio can only use 64 bits plugins, 32 bits MultitrackStudio can only use 32 bits plugins.

Mac: CLAP plugins are bundles, the name ends with .clap. They're located in the user or system Library/Audio/Plug-ins/CLAP folder.

You can create the CLAP folder yourself if it's not present.

For plugin developers
The CLAP plugin API is available at
Almost all extensions are supported, except for the draft ones. The draft context-menu, param-indication, plugin-invalidation, preset-discovery, remote-controls and track-info extensions are supported.