Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software
Manual : CLAP Instrument Plugins

CLAP Instrument Plugins

A CLAP instrument is a CLAP Plugin that can convert MIDI events to audio. You can select an CLAP instrument by clicking the instrument slot's down arrow. The CLAP instrument plugins appear in the list's Plugins section.

CLAP Instruments look like CLAP Plugins. They have an additional Channel Selector. Some CLAP Instrument plugins respond to all MIDI channels the same way, in this case the channel setting doesn't matter unless you're recording using the Keyboard Mapper's split option or multiple keyboards. Other plugins, especially the ones providing many different sounds, do always require the correct channel to be specified.

CLAP Instruments respond to all the streams that are in the track's MIDI file. However, in most cases it will be easier to use multiple tracks (each using an instance of the CLAP Instrument) instead.

MIDI 2.0 / MPE

CLAP instruments can use MIDI 2.0 protocol messages, CLAP note expressions or MPE. CLAP note expressions support per-note Pitch Bend, Volume, Pan, Expression, Brightness, Vibrato Depth and Aftertouch.
It's up to the plugin to tell the host which protocols it supports and which one it prefers to use.