Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software
Manual : Automation


Note: this feature is available in the Pro edition only.

The mixer sections and audio effects can be automated (ie. the knobs can be programmed to turn automatically while the transport is running). This can be used to change a track's volume level, to add more reverb to part of a track etc.

You can add automation by recording knob movements while the transport is running, or by using the automation editor.

A small blue square appears in the bottom right corner of an automated control. Automation can be undone by deleting all dots in the editor (click Sel All followed by Delete). An automated control can still be controlled using the mouse. This will move the whole automation curve, as it appears in the control's Automation Editor, up or down.

Automated fader and rotary knob (note the blue squares)
Automated fader and rotary knob (note the blue squares)

Recording fader/knob movements

Fader and knob movements can be recorded while the transport is running. The Automation Recording button (near the bottom right corner of the main window) needs to be engaged for this. By default, the control won't return to the old value until transport stops ('latch mode'). The control will revert to the old value upon releasing the mouse button immediately if the Automation Touch Mode button is engaged.

Automation Recording and Automation Touch Mode buttons
Automation Recording and Automation Touch Mode buttons

Note: automation recording isn't available while transport is cycling.

Using the Automation Editor

Automation Editor
Automation Editor
To pop up a control's Automation Editor you should click the Automation button in the bottom right corner of the main window first, and then click the control. Alternatively you can click the control while pressing the 'A' key, or you can use the control's rightclick menu. The Automation Editor works just like an Automated Fader effect. The VIEW button can be used to add tabs for other automatable parameters of the mixer section/effect. Using the tabs you can switch between parameters easily.

If the mixer section is a track or the effect is in a track the track's audio/MIDI data is displayed in the background. Scrubbing will be available as well, it uses the parameter values at the needle position and doesn't include any effects.